Domestic Partners and Suppliers

Chemical Alloy Corporation

We have partnered with the Chemical Alloy Corporation based in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, as EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of USA 88 LUBRICANTS in ARMM, and in the Provinces of North Cotabato and Kidapawan City, Sultan Kudarat and Tacurong City, and parts of South Cotabato and Sarangani, Alhamdulillah. ChemAlloy is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company since August 1, 2014 that has vast experience, extensive knowledge, and world-class facilities that produce quality products and aftersales services for total customer satisfaction.

Product lines of USA88 Lubricants include engine oil, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, industrial gear oils, brake fluid, 2T and 4T motorcycle oils, grease, and transformer oils.

ChemAlloy’s manufacturing plant in Marikina City, Metro Manila houses a total storage capacity of 180,000L for both lubricants and raw materials. Its equipment and manpower can produce a total of 8000L of finished products in small packaging, pails and drums per hour. Because of this ChemAlloy’s plant produces almost all kinds and ranges of lubricants including automotive and industrial application.
ChemAlloy is anaffiliate company of big petroleum corporations in the Philippines, i.e. Flying V, Filoil Gas Company, Filpride Energy Corporation, Lubewell Corporation, Bioenergy 8 Corporation, and Insular Oil, among others.


SEAOIL Philippines, Inc.

Moro Oil has partnered with Seaoil Philippines as our supplier of petroleum products such as EXCEED DIESEL, EXTREME 95 or Premium Gasoline (RON 95) and EXTREME U or Unleaded Gasoline (RON 91).Seaoil’s series of innovations has earned for itself the “recognition as the Leader in Innovation in Philippine fuel industry…SEAOIL’s friction-busting gasoline and diesel products are now powered with world-trusted STP Additives, which remove and control carbon deposits. These two features combined deliver racer-sharp engine performance� (

Given the big potential of Moro Oil to fully penetrate the petroleum market in the Philippines especially in the remote areas, a five-year Station Operation Agreement was entered into in Cotabato City on February 8, 2017 between Seaoil (through Serv Central/Gazz Up, Inc.) and Moro Oil aimed at making Moro Oil as “operator/partner� of Seaoil Philippines for its three petrol filling stations (Seaoil Midsayap, Seaoil Tacurong City, and Seaoil Koronadal City fronting the city hall), alhamdulillah. During the signing, Moro Oil posted bond and partnership fees to Seaoil. The Partnership Agreement officially starts on April 17, 2017.

The founder and President of Tangan di Atas (TDA) Malaysia, Shaykh Abu Ubaidah bin Kemin, is the principal joint venturer/partner of Moro Oil for the three Seaoil filling stations, in shaa Allah. He signed as witness to the agreement.

Shaykh Abu Ubaidah bin Kemin of Johor, Malaysia, is the International Consultant of the Bangsamoro Oil and Fuels Corporation, is also a progressive Islamic scholar, educator, philantrophist, businessman, and who spreads the true message of Islam all over the world in accordance with present realities of the modern world where capitalism oppresses poor people Muslims and non-Muslims alike. He strongly encourages Muslims all over the world to engage in business in an Islamic way and by establishing the little-known but powerful Waqaf Banks in various Muslim communities in Southeast Asia, alhamdulillah. In the Philippines, we are now on process of establishing the WAQAFBANK CORPORATION, in shaa Allah.